Monday, August 1, 2011

California Luuuuuuv!

A 38th WTA title for Serena Williams, a second ATP title for Ernests Gulbis.
Serena's first title in America in three years, and first title since Wimbledon last year.
Gulbis' first title since his maiden triumph in Delray Beach in February 2010.
Gulbis' first top-10 win since Mikhail Youzhny retired against him in Paris in November last year.
Serena has jumped from 169 to 79 in the rankings, while Gulbis is up from 89 to 55.

There are two very happy people in California right now!

After two weeks, the US Open Series is shaping up to be quite AWESOME!

"I hated those triple digits. I've got to get to single digits." - Serena Williams

"I a little bit lost trust that I could compete with the best guys. Now it's a big confidence boost." - Ernests Gulbis


Cheri said...

It must be really difficult for Ernests to concentrate on his tennis when he's already got more money than Federer, Nadal and Djokovic combined at his disposal. His motivation must be to prove to himself that he can be successful at a sport where money can't buy you victories, and is probably more of a hindrance to success.

Reem said...

I don't really see it that way.
I think if you play even though you don't need the money, then you are playing cuz you love it.

Sometimes the pressure of needing to make money from tennis backfires and people keep losing...
I've seen it happen to some of my friends... they turned pro but couldn't live off tennis and the pressure of feeling that you have to win after spending all that money to travel to a tournament takes its toll.

I think if Ernie isn't winning much despite his great talent, its cuz he's a bit like marat safin.. he's into other things in life... he loves tennis but it's not his entire world.

I'm pretty sure having the money helps Ernie more than it hinders him... at least that's what I think :)