Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quote of the Day - For Rafa Nadal, friendship comes first

After Rafa Nadal played for 3 hours and 38 minutes against Fernando Verdasco on Thursday, the world No2 then went to play doubles with his friend Marc Lopez a few hours later. He played at 11:00a.m his singles match against Verdasco in scorching heat and humidity, then played doubles at around 17:30, then played Mardy Fish in the quarters the next day at 13:00.

Most players would pull out of doubles in this situation to try and get some rest. Here's what Rafa told reporters when they asked him if he considered withdrawing from the doubles after his grueling encounter with Verdasco:

"No for me it wasn't a choice. I have a friend here, I'm playing with one of my best friends. He came from Spain to play the doubles here and if I don't go on court today he won't have the points nor the prize money of the second round, so I can't think about that even if I am tired. That's what happened and I had to play and I tried my best and we lost. I will go home... well not home, to the hotel (laughs) and I will try to relax a little bit and try to be competitive for tomorrow." --Rafael Nadal, Cincinnati Masters, 18-08-2011

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CheriWTA said...

Rafa made the right choice to play doubles with his lowly ranked friend, as the money means more to Marc, but it probably cost Rafa his chance in the Fish match and ultimately cost himself money. I don't think Andy Murray would have been so generous to his brother, Jamie in the same situation.