Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ATP WORLD TOUR FINALS: Federer humbles Nadal to book ticket to semis

So I guess this is what happens when Roger Federer faces Nadal in a round robin match on a really fast indoor hard-court.

It was the first time in 26 meetings the pair have met in a non-knockout stage and the result was a complete deconstruction from Federer of his greatest rival.

Granted the Swiss had never lost any of his previous three meetings against Rafa on indoor hard-court, but this is the biggest win Federer has ever posted over the Spaniard - 6-3, 6-0 in 61 minutes!

It was Federer minus the nerves plus the genius we all know he has.

The no nerves part can be partly attributed to the round robin effect, everything else is just good genes, and impeccable form gained from a lifetime of supremacy on the court.

The Swiss Master hit 28 winners using every shot in the book and didn't even give Rafa a single look at a break point.

It also wasn't a matter of poor play from Rafa. The world No2 hit only 7 errors, but his winner count was a lowly 4. He even had a higher first serve percentage than Federer (73% to Fed's 70%). Nadal just didn't stand a chance last night!

Nadal's match with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga now will be a must win for the Mallorcan and we should expect quite an interesting showdown.

I have to say though, no one knows how to lose better than Rafa. Magnanimous in victory and defeat.

Post-match quotes

"At least I've got one surface that goes my way." - Roger Federer on his rivalry with Rafa.

“A very surprising result,” he added. “I’m excited at how well I played tonight.” - Roger Federer

"The score is true, and today he played too good for me. Just accept that today when you play against Federer and he's playing like this, the only way to stay in the match is have free points with the serve, because for the rest his level was too high in this surface. And I didn't had these free points as usual." - Rafa Nadal

"Only Federer can play at this level; I accept normally the losses, it's not the first time I lose a match like this, won't be last. I am in perfect health today, it didn't affect the match at all." - Rafa Nadal

"Is not the moment to say goodbye. Is not the moment to go down; is the moment to keep fighting. I'm still in the tournament. I still have the chance to be in the semi-finals because if I win the next match I will be in semi-finals. So it's the moment to keep fighting with positive attitude and is the moment to accept when Federer plays like this he is better than me." - Rafa Nadal

"Federer was unbelievable when he destroyed Nadal,what a master class. Fed was my pick to win event and looks like it's going to happen." - Greg Rusedski

"Federer played like Federer! Even against Nadal!!! Wow what a performance. Real joy to watch." - Ivan Ljubicic

"Looking at Federer's level makes you appreciate the merit of Nadal who managed to beat him 17 times, and win 10 Grand Slams in this era." - Carlos Moya

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