Saturday, November 19, 2011

WORLD TOUR FINALS: Quotes of the day - Tsonga, Federer, Rafa and Fish

"There's only three players winning Grand Slams right now, but I am never intimidated when I walk out on court. The only person who intimidates me is my mother, when she is angry with me." - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga fears no one but his maman.

I'd love to meet Mama Tsonga, the woman has done a fine fine job I must say...

"I'm not taking anything away from Asia, but was Asia the strongest this year? I'm not sure. Novak wasn't there, I wasn't there – I played in the [Shanghai] final last year – and Rafa lost early, but it was a good effort by him." - Roger Federer talks to The Independent about Andy Murray's Asian hat-trick.

He does have a point but way to bring a man down, Roger. Not sure what the question was for him to give that answer but the result sounds a tad condescending. But either way, I do believe Fed respects Andy, so everyone should move on I guess.

"Maybe you have this feeling, but I don't. I played in the final of the last three Grand Slams and I've had a good season. I lost a few important matches this season, but I won a few ones too. I'm happy about my year. I didn't have a perfect year, but I've had a very good year." - Rafa Nadal on the defensive when asked if he felt like a forgotten man at this year's WTF's.

"Djokovic is not a goal for me. A goal is to be a better player than I was last year. Later we will see if that's enough." - Rafa Nadal doing what he does best, keeping things in perspective.

"Every time you play someone you learn something new. Last week, I learnt than Roger was better than me! At Wimbledon [in June], I was better than him." - Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

"To lose Shanghai was difficult to manage because I felt I was in a positive moment,” he said. “I felt I had an opportunity to play a good tournament, and I had a bad loss against Mayer, so that hurt me a little bit. I felt that I needed to stop, to practise a little bit, to recover a little bit physically and mentally, and that’s what I did…" - Rafa Nadal on losing to Florian Mayer in straight sets in the third round of Shanghai last month.

"I knew the guys who were sixth, seventh and eighth had a nice cushion going into the last couple of events of the year. During that period, I was the most stressed out - the most I have ever been in my career - because I didn't know how many points we were ahead and whether it would matter." Mardy Fish on the stress of fulfilling the dream of qualifying to the WTF's.

Group B action kicks off tomorrow with Federer facing Tsonga (not before 2pm UK time) and Rafa facing Fish (not before 8pm UK time).

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Luciana said...

The federer comment about andy did not sit very well with me
a little arrogant. didnt like it