Saturday, December 31, 2011

MWTC: Rafa adds a few grams of weight to his racquet

Although Nadal and Federer lost yesterday, that still leaves us with an incredible third-place playoff today at 3pm featuring the current second and third best players in the world.

Nadal reiterated his comments about treating his matches in Abu Dhabi and Doha as a mere practice but the Mallorcan also revealed he has made a slight adjustment to his racquet for the new season, adding a slight extra weight at the top, in hopes to get more power.

He says: “I’m playing with a little bit of more weight on the racquet. I suppose I have one month to practice with that, finally I had five days. I need hours on court with that. It’s a change that I consider will help me in the future but not immediately. Every change at the beginning is something new, and you go a little bit down and after you go up.

“We are trying to have a little bit more power with the racquet. Trying to find a little bit more winners. So that’s the reason. We believe that can help but when you are able just to practice with that for five, six days, that’s not enough. “I need more matches. Tomorrow I will have another practice, and Doha another one. These two, three weeks, will be very important for me.”

Meanwhile Federer isn’t putting too much weight on his smashing defeat to Djokovic yesterday as he prepares for yet another encounter with his archrival, Nadal.

He says: “It’s not going to affect me, because I knew it wasn’t the perfect start for me to play Novak first up knowing that he had another match beforehand, it’s not an excuse, it’s reality, and I wish you could start slower but they have amazing draws here, and when I saw the draw I was like… (laughs) OK it is what is, you know I’ll try to be as well-prepared as I can be then obviously this is now a disappointing result for me but I know that I can’t put myself too down, this is just the beginning, and I have another match tomorrow, then this one will be forgotten.”

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