Tuesday, January 31, 2012

AUSTRALIAN OPEN: Djokovic's six-hour win over Nadal was the ultimate blockbuster

Sealed with a kiss: Djokovic poses with the trophy Monday morning at Carlton Gardens

Sunday night/Monday morning’s six-hour Australian Open final had something for everyone.

It was like a multi-genre blockbuster movie that would appeal to all the masses from the horror fanatics to the chick-flick lovers and everyone in between. The first set was for the tacticians of the game.

Rafael Nadal stepped onto the court a different man from the one who lost the last six finals to Novak Djokovic. He was way closer to the baseline, he was trying to pounce on the Serb's serve, and he was attempting to hit the ball as hard as he possibly could.

While Nadal is known for his genius in constructing points, the Spaniard had failed in doing so last year against the world No.1, who has no noticeable weaknesses for his opponent to exploit.

So instead Nadal was trying to get in the rallies early on, and although the first set was error-strewn from both, the world No.2 was using the correct tactics, to try and trouble a player, who is virtually impossible to trouble at the moment. The Mallorcan mastermind, although far from flawless in his execution, succeeded in taking the first set courtesy of his perfect plan. Kind of like the guys from Ocean’s 11.

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