Sunday, April 29, 2012

Clay updates: Maria's golden win in Stuttgart, Rafa's seven-star triumph in Barcelona

They say it's your golden year when you turn a certain age on a date that is equal to that age (for example if you turn 25 and your birthday is April 25 then that year is your golden year).

So is it the same if you win your 25th title when you're 25 years old?

Does it count for more if that title win is your first of the season?

What about if you've lost to your opponent the other two times you've faced off this year?

I'd say Maria Sharapova's win today over Victoria Azarenka was a golden victory for the Russian, and bodes nothing but good things for her French Open prospects.

The world No2 beat Sam Stosur, Petra Kvitova and Azarenka back-to-back to win that title. Those are some tough scalps to take down and Sharapova must be super-thrilled. Of course the Porsche is a nice juicy cherry on the top.

The pair of on-court screechers weren't only competing on the tennis and decibel level, but they bumped shoulders during one of the change overs.

Did you guys catch that during the match? (Thanks to my tweep @nidssserz for posting this video)

Meanwhile El Rey Rafa captured a seventh straight win in Barcelona (missed a year with injury).

He beat David Ferrer for a fourth time in the Barca final, and extended ATP title count to 48.

It was only seven days after winning an unprecedented eighth Monte Carlo crown.

He is now the only man two win two different events at least seven times each.

If clay courts were a nation Rafa would be the emperor and if Catalunya was independent, Rafa would be its undisputed king (despite his Balearic origins and allegiance to Real Madrid).

There's nothing better than ending a title drought with a record-breaking win in Monaco, except maybe having a record-setting one in Barcelona the following week.

Bring on the French Open because the Dirt Master is back b***hes!!

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