Friday, June 8, 2012

FRENCH OPEN VIDEO: Nadal hits a shot while sitting down during Ferrer rout

Rafael Nadal was once again merciless against one of his closest friends. He only gave Juan Monaco 2 games in the fourth round, so I guess he was slightly more generous on Friday when he allowed world No6 David Ferrer five games in their semi-final.

Ferrer, who had dropped eight games of less in each of his first four rounds in Paris. Ferrer, who took out Andy Murray quite routinely in four sets. That Ferrer fell 2-6, 2-6, 1-6 to Nadal, who is on the brink of winning an unprecedented seventh French Open crown.

The point above is just one of many that stood out today. One second he was on the ground hitting a shot like that, a few moments later, he was flying in the air hitting a backhand smash with his back to the net.

The title is his to take and anyone who thinks otherwise needs a reality check I believe. God bless him!


van said...

Hey Reem! I really didn't expect it to be that easy for him, but I guess what can you do when he's hitting shots like that?

Reem said...

Hi Van. You know me, I'm always on the Rafa bandwagon and have 100% faith in him, but I thought Ferrer was at least going to be a challenge for him. I mean I expected the straight sets, but 2, 2 and 1??? He's playing some phenomenal tennis. There's no stopping him on Sunday, that's for sure!

Nadal said...

Normally players if they lose a tough set they come up deflated in the next set but not Rafal.Totaly game makes a sensitive .Nadal playing sensitively this match.

Nadal said...

Rafael Nadal was once again merciless against one of his closest friends.Both of them good game of tens and very famous in all over the world.Mostly player of tens liking Nadal ,Rafeel.

aman verma said...

Hi Reem ,
Nice video.That show sprites of player.No one can't stop this Its happened naturally when players hitting shots like.French Open.