Monday, August 6, 2012

Bolt, Phelps and Federer... How did we ever question them?

Usain Bolt needed only 9.63s to remind the world how staggeringly superior he is.

Michael Phelps needed 1min54.27s to claim victory over Ryan Lochte in the 200m IM to silence his doubters and sign off his Olympic career in a profound manner.

Roger Federer had to go through two weeks, seven matches and 26 sets to return to the summit of men's tennis and win that one Wimbledon that took him to the record-equaling magic number 7.

It had been two and a half years since Federer had won a Grand Slam and he was one week shy of Pete Sampras' record of total weeks at the world No1 spot. So when he beat Andy Murray in four sets a few weeks ago to claim his seventh Wimbledon and achieve all of the above, people retraced their steps back to Federer-praising land and have gone from writing him off with speculative retirement talk to discussing his next Olympics in Rio 2016.

It's funny how harsh we tend to be on the greatest athletes of our time and it seems that the greater they are, the harsher we get!

Federer did not need a 17th Grand Slam to shut anyone up, just like Phelps did not need four more gold medals to his original 14 to prove he was a legendary swimmer. Nor did Bolt need to shatter his own ludicrously fast Olympic record in the 100m to claim he is once again the fastest man on the planet.

While I'm absolutely glad that they have gone those extra lengths to magnify their supremacy, since it only means we've witnessed some of the most astounding moments in sports history, I wonder how long it will take us to doubt them once again?

I'm not sure if it is the fact that our memory fails us, or if it's just a matter of asking too much of our own heroes but I find it shocking that we ever put such characters like Bolt, Phelps and Federer into question.

Just when I thought the Federer speculation would die down I encountered numerous tweets on my timeline today saying things like: 'But Federer still doesn't have a golden career slam and Nadal does'. My initial reaction was 'what exactly is wrong with those people?' and my second thought was 'will it ever be enough?'

If only we held ourselves to such high standards, the world would probably be infinitely classier.

If we just open our eyes and look at one of those guys' exceptional performances we'd see that their legend speaks for itself. Who am I kidding? The human race lives to judge and as I type these words, millions of people are probably waiting to see if Bolt will win the 200m so he can "REALLY" prove that he's faster than superman.  

Bolt said it best after his 100m win Sunday night:

"I said it on the track... People can talk, all they can do is talk. When it comes to championships I bring it."


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"If only we held ourselves to such high standards, the world would probably be infinitely classier"

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Hostpph said...

I don't know why he took a picture with a lot of medal. It looks like he is bragging about it.