Wednesday, August 8, 2012

LONDON 2012: Day 11: Olympic heroes of the day - Taoufik Makhloufi, Mutaz Barshim, Abdalaati Iguider

The best way to respond to the controversy of getting disqualified then reinstated to the Olympic Games is to go on and win the Gold in your signature event. That's exactly what Algerian Taoufik Makhloufi did in the 1500m which he won in 3:34.08 in dominating fashion. The 24-year-old Makhloufi was disqualified yesterday for "not trying hard enough" in the 800m heats but was reinstated after he provided medical evidence to a knee injury which he says he managed with massages to get ready for the 1500m.

Even if he "missed the withdrawal" deadline like they speculated on BBC, his error in judgement in the 800m does not take away from the months of training he has put in, and his achievement in the 1500m. People make mistakes and the officials decided to reinstate him, so people should really give the guy a break and not rain on his parade.

Some articles about his win are so annoying - implying that his surge this year (which saw him shave 2.5s off his time) is due to doping but I am so sick of the constant cynicism from the media. Unless someone fails a doping test, the media should not be allowed to speculate, like they did to the poor 16 year old swimmer Ye Shiwen. Anyways, mabrook Algeria, the first Arab country to win gold in London 2012.

Makhloufi was joined on the podium by Abdalaati Iguider of Morocco who won the bronze. Iguider won the gold in this year's World Indoor Championships in Istanbul and following that up with a bronze in the Olympics is a great effort from the 25-year-old.

(PS I understand that 2 Moroccans have failed doping tests in these few weeks but that doesn't mean that every North African runner is a cheat!)

Qatar's Mutaz Barshim won the bronze (tied with 2 other athletes) after clearing 2.29m in the high jump competition. He's 21 and guess what?!?! He's actually Qatari, born in Doha. He's a product of the Aspire Academy and clearly they know what they're doing over there. No surprise! Mabrook Barshim, Mabrook Qatar!

Also a quick shoutout to Iran who are picking up golds left, right & center. They have 8 medals in total, 4 golds (3 wrestling & 1 weightlifting), 3 silvers (2 weightlifting, 1 discus) and a bronze in weightlifting. They know their niche, are playing to their strengths & are delivering. Bravo!

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Hostpph said...

I don't understand how he won 1500m and lost like that in 800m but it is something that only him knows about it.