About Game,Set,Match

Game, Set, Match... Egypt is the brainchild of Dubai-based Egyptian sports journalist Reem Abulleil - a tennis-possessed writer who has been covering the sport since 2005. 

After making her start with FilGoal.com in Cairo over a decade ago - a part-time escape from her full-time software engineering job at IBM -  Reem started this blog in 2008 not knowing that a Sports Journalism Masters degree and a couple of years later she'd be sitting in an editing room at Eurosport in Paris, helping produce Game, Set & Mats - one of her favourite tennis programmes.

Reem's sports writing journey eventually landed her in Dubai where she works for UAE daily newspaper, Sport360°, with several contributions to AFP, beIN Sports, BBC World Service, Dubai TV, Star FM and Dubai Eye 103.8 among other media outlets.

She is a member of the International Tennis Writers Association and can be found chasing stories at the Slams and on the men's and women's tours throughout the season.

Note: Reem is particularly interested in the role of media in promoting and developing sports in Egypt and the Middle East so if you are an Arab/Middle Eastern professional athlete and have a story to tell, drop her a line at reem.gamesetmatch@gmail.com.

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You can also check Reem's articles at http://journalisted.com/reem-abulleil and http://muckrack.com/reem-abulleil.